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Dear Internet Marketer,

No matter what you’ve tried for your online business, you’ve seen your efforts take up your time, your energy, and your life. And they’re just not producing the results that you want.

Do you think that the books you’ve been using aren’t helping you as much as they could? Do you find that you have questions that aren’t answered online or by Internet marketing blogs? Do you wish that you could have personalized attention and direction?

That’s where an Internet marketing webmaster can help. Instead of getting basic advice from a book, you can ask the questions that you need to ask to get the answers that you need to find NOW.

Who Am I and Why Should I Coach You?

First of all, you need to realize that Internet marketing is more complicated than many make it out to be. Though it might seem simple enough to post a tweet here, start a Facebook page there, this piecemeal approach doesn’t work.

When you do have a more comprehensive strategy, you’ll find that proper Internet marketing will:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve conversion
  • Enhance your business reputation
  • Allow you to focus on other parts of your business

Marketing online is essential. If you don’t have the right approach, you might never get your message heard by future customers.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Brian Collins and I have over 20 years of experience on the Internet. As one of the first marketers online, I’ve seen the ups and the downs in online businesses, and I know how to use the Internet to create more successes than failures.

Some Internet marketing clients I’ve helped in the past include:

  •  The Internet Company (John Delavera)
  • Internet Business Mastermind (Ralf Skirr)
  • E-Book Emporium (Tracy Yates)
  • IMI Organizer (Alex Goodall)
  • MGN Systems (Miles Newey)
  • And many more.

By coaching these clients and their agents, I’ve been able to study their needs and help with recommending ways forward to increasing their business. All I do is listen to the needs of the client and help him/her develop a workable plan of attack online.

And I can help you too.

What Will Your Webmaster Coaching Include?

When you sign up for your basic Internet marketing webmaster coaching package,
here’s what you will get:

  • TouchBase reporting area to record your project progress
  • Easy Video Player – Hosted on our servers – serving your videos from Amazon S3
  • Weekly (20 min) check-in Skype appointments
  • Access to my personal email address which also comes to my BlackBerry®
  • Monthly (30 min) One-On-One Skype Desktop Sharing chats
  • IM consultations on any aspect of marketing, if needed
  • Access to Internet marketing worksheets, tip sheets, videos & plugins.

With this valuable service, we will design the right plan for your Internet marketing, based on your niche and your audience. You will get help to learn how to use the Internet to your advantage, without causing you to spend all of your time online.

Your business requires more than just marketing, after all.

“What If I Need More Help?”

When we begin the webmaster coaching relationship and you find that you need more help with your marketing strategy, we can add more sessions to your coaching.

Three levels of webmaster coaching services are offered:

  • Basic – as described above.
  • Silver – This includes additional weekly (20 Min) check-in times and an additional (30 min) skype one-on-one desktop chat each month. You will also get feedback on any marketing strategies that you’ve already been using in the past, plus add five hours of reviewing your current marketing strategy for two weeks to see how it works.
  • Gold – In addition to everything the Basic and Silver packages include, you will also get a one-on-one skype meeting with me each month for four hours.

You can always contact me with questions and know that I’m here to help you with your Internet marketing questions – no matter what they might be.

Even if you’re completely new to online marketing, I can help you to get the results that you want.

Help Is Here

If you’re ready to see your online business explode, you’re ready for webmaster coaching with me. Just know that I expect you to do the work that I tell you to do if you want to see the best results.

If you’re unable to handle the tasks that I assign to you, you might not get the results that you deserve. This coaching includes fast reponsive technical help where you need it and we will work together to overcome your obstacles.

You’re the one taking the action steps. I’m going to guide you to success. YOU need to do the work and we will take care of the details together.

Ready to Succeed?

If you’re ready to succeed, sign up for your Internet marketing webmaster coaching services. I’m here to help you succeed online.

Click here to sign up for your Basic, Silver, or Gold webmaster coaching packages.

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Brian Collins

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