Creating Your Online Presence

Creating an online presence couldn’t be easier now with a wealth of information and tools available to you.

You will need somewhere to “Host” your presence and a domain name.

Luckily both are available at no cost or very little cost, depending on your requirements and budget.

In this discussion I am going to suggest using a WordPress Blog as a starting point, WordPress is a blogging platform that makes getting your website setup a snap.

Most hosting providers have the facility to install one of these through a system called Fantastico.

You simply fill in some default information, click create and you are ready to start.

Domain names are available everywhere and are what ties your online presence to your hosting account, I personally recommend that you get a .com domain or a country specific name that ends in for instance.

Many domain name providers will let you search to find the ideal domain name for you and register this.

Once registered, you tell it where to find your hosting account through a system of “name servers” and you’re ready to go.

Once this is done, it is time to think of what you are going to use your website for, will it be a journal of news which deals with a specific subject that you are interested in and know a fair amount about? Will it be a website that you want to use for getting business or will it be a website to share family news?

Let’s deal with each one individually.

* Journal of news (Niche Site)

A Niche Site is a good place to start, after all you will be writing about a subject you are interested in and know something about.

Some niches deal with your hobbies, your interests (shopping, collecting, politics, religion and beliefs) for instance.

It could also be about your own history, travel and life experience.

* Business Site

A business site may be an extension of your brick and mortar business or a completely online business (consulting, services, and goods for sale).

* Family Site

Maybe you would like to keep your family up to date on what is happening (weddings, births, family events, etc.).

Whatever your reason for publishing an online prescience, a WordPress blog has you covered.


Searching for a domain name.

You can find a suitable domain name for around $10 or less using this site


Pick up your Free or Paid hosting here

WordPress Design

There are many Free and Paid WordPress themes available, I personally use and recommend this program for creating your own unique look
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How to Install a WordPress Template and Activate it.

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WordPress Free Theme Configuration


Adding a Blog or News Page To Your Free WordPress Theme.


Using a Captcha Code Contact Form

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